Yet what they profit off of is our data

by a 13 year old

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cheap nike shoes We need mechanisms by which corporations can be rewarded for their innovation but not in the crazy imbalanced way we see now when companies like FB and Google have 1.8 Billion users! Can you believe that? They are some of the most profitable companies EVER. Yet what they profit off of is our data, our labor, and our interactions while offering a powerful platform. So there needs to be a balance. cheap nike shoes

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cheap jordans on sale Hardship PostsI can’t speak to State Department Policy since 9/11 but before 9/11 State Department use to have finite time at hardship posts for instance you could be assigned Afghanistan but it would only be for a year or two and then you would be sent to an easier post like Europe or perhaps even Paris. This is always how it was before. A few years in a hard post and then you earn the right to be at the easier posts cheap jordans on sale.