Years ago,Ihadpredictedthat Afghanistan was of greater

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Canada Goose Online Rogers has never liked Trump. When he was the star of “The Apprentice,” she found him “abusive.” When canada goose coats uk he won the election, she was in denial. Before Trump’s election, she was not particularly active politically. The next big question is, who is interested in preventing Afghanistan’s emergence as a model democratic state in the Muslim world? The answer is obvious. But whileCondoleezza Rice made all the correct noises in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the major impression that one gets is that the US Administration continues to be in a “state of denial” over Pakistan’s continued involvement in the de stabilisation of Afghanistanthrough its proxy organisation, theTaliban. Years ago,Ihadpredictedthat Afghanistan was of greater strategic importance to United States national security interests than Iraq, andsuggestedthat the USshould desist frommilitary interventionin Iraq till it stabilizes Afghanistan. Canada Goose Online

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