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Your example uk canada goose is still very bad and I’m really not sure what you’re trying to convey with canadagooseparks it. What is she cheap Canada Goose canada goose outlet uk confessing? Why would someone say they canada goose outlet jackets cheap canada goose uk committed crimes? For the shelter? Or for the attention? She was killing herself so I don’t think any of canada goose outlet those apply.

I never said that and I think canada goose coats it’s a bit soon to paint him as a rapist. We don’t know for sure yet. So I don’t think you should call him goose outlet canada a rapist like you did.

I don’t think you realize that those are legal terms. Presumption of innocence does not exist outside of law. In real life we don’t need to canada goose outlet sale say canada goose factory outlet if he is canada goose outlet black friday innocent or guilty. We can just say we don’t know. Because we don’t.

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Despite your best efforts to misrepresent canada goose outlet online me, canada goose outlet in usa everyone else can canada goose outlet canada read what canada goose uk outlet I actually wrote in each of my posts.

My Canada Goose online example is relevant. Canada Goose Parka What it conveys is that canada goose jacket outlet “why would canada goose clearance she.” Canada Goose Coats On Sale is not a valid way to think about canada goose uk black friday stuff like this. People do as they do, Canada Goose Outlet often for reasons that would seem bizarre to anyone else. Fabricated accusations, of rape or other crimes, certainly happen.

I never said that and I think it’s canada goose outlet a bit soon to paint him as a rapist. We don’t know for sure yet. canada goose outlet canada goose factory sale toronto factory So I don’t think you should call him a rapist like you did.

Strawman. I never called canada goose clearance sale him a rapist, which you very well know.

We can just say we don’t canada goose outlet new york city know. Because we don’t.

Despite your twisting of words, you canada goose black friday sale manage to spit out some reasonable sentences at the official canada goose outlet end. Congratulations.

While presumption buy canada goose jacket cheap of innocence is a legal principle, it is reasonable to apply it in many situations outside of the court system as well, if in a less technical way. Even unfounded rape canada goose accusations can do great canada goose outlet shop harm to the victim of the accusation, so exercising caution is the most prudent thing to do.

The fact that we can know whether he is guilty or innocent does not mean that we should just assume that the likelihood of each possibility is the same. That would get way too close to prematurely concluding that they are guilty. I not saying you are applying a 50% likelihood here, but you seem to place more weight on a single statement than is fair.

If Canada Goose Jackets you want canada goose outlet parka an investigation, talk to the police, canada goose outlet reviews not Reddit.

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Yeah it a good change.

the only downside and it only a minor one is that once you get to a reward zone you get that same reward canada goose outlet uk sale each month with only canadian goose jacket 4 wins (well 4 rises from where it put you, you could lose more than win and not get there) which MIGHT be too easy but maybe they want that.

It also doesn uk canada goose outlet take into account legend/gold players etc that skip a month then climb later on giving low rank players a bad time. However they probably be in a canada goose coats on sale minority after this change

You could always simply minimum previous legend players to rank 19 or something even if they havent played for a long time.

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Starting with the release of Hearthstone’s next expansion (but applying to ALL Hearthstone card packs), every time you open a Legendary in a card pack, it will be a Legendary card from canada goose outlet store uk the same set that you don’t already own. Once you own either the golden or non golden version of buy canada goose jacket a Legendary card, you won’t get a duplicate of it until you own all the Legendary cards from that set. Soon, you’ll be able to craft a Legendary without the worry of opening it in your next few packs!I was wrong about the crafting, but other one speaks for Canada Goose sale itself

But afaik you can not get the canada goose uk shop same legenadries twice anymore, EVEN if you de one. However you can get one in a pack if you just crafted one and didn’t actually unpack it

If you currently have a given legendary card, you wont canada goose outlet store open it unless you have every legendary card in the set. If you don have it, you can open it. canada goose outlet nyc It is irrelevant how you came to have the card, or to not have it.