Warder, who has lived in the Woolwich area for more than 30

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That would essentially mean only silicon valley and NYC employers would get H1B employees. The entire South would face a skills shortage. The economist article actually provides a better solution. For starters, the national broadcast networks horned in on the local stations. Once upon a time, the big networks actually paid local affiliates for airing their programs. But today, turning things upside down, the networks routinely hold up stations for 50 percent or more of the retransmission fees they get from cable operators.

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We are yet to hear any good arguments against the extension of the Customs Act to Pata that are more than just rhetoric. There was supposedly an agreement between the former ruler of Swat and Pakistan, promising no taxes for the next 100 years. The other argument is based on the general economic backwardness of Pata..

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