“They are now on the defensive and will continue on as an

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cheap jordans shoes The extremist group has lost thousands of fighters during the ongoing international anti ISIS offensive and has seen its influence in Iraq and Syria dwindle.”It marks the end of the so called caliphate as we knew it,” Amarnath Amarasingam, a senior research fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, told HuffPost.”They are now on the defensive and will continue on as an insurgency, which still wreaks havoc both internally and abroad.”ISIS now faces the challenge of keeping its organizational structure intact and maintaining some physical presence in Iraq and Syria, while also reworking its narrative to convince followers they still command power and respect.At the height of its territory, ISIS’ propaganda put heavy emphasis on a vision of a “lasting and expanding” caliphate that would take over wide swaths of land. But ISIS’ grandiose rhetoric has come up against the reality of the group’s consistent military losses, including last year giving up the town of Dabiq, a place that figured heavily in its apocalyptic ideology.”Ever since the fall of Dabiq, their messaging cheap jordan clothes has undergone a slight shift to say that land is no cheap jordan futures longer that important and that’s not what they were fighting for this whole time,” Amarasingam said.”This is, of course, a bit ridiculous since the establishment of the so called caliphate was a major part of what established them as a presence to be reckoned with.”ISIS still holds some areas of Syria and parts of Iraq, but nothing on the scale of Raqqa or Mosul. Whereas the group used to boast of having its own currency, hospitals and courts, it will now likely retreat to mountains and villages in eastern Syria, where its fighters can go underground.Many analysts expect the next phase for ISIS to be a return to the type of insurgent attacks that dominated the group’s tactics before its rise in 2014 cheap jordans shoes.