That bill stalled in the Senate last week

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canada goose outlet parka “Voters want political leadership on food issues, and we will be working to make sure their voices are heard this canada goose outlet buffalo fall.”To be fair, the presidential candidates haven’t been totally silent on food and agriculture in canada goose outlet in chicago recent weeks. In his senatorial role, Bernie Sanders issued two statements in opposition to legislation that would have blocked his home state of Vermont and others from requiring the labeling of foods containing GMOs. That bill stalled in the Senate last week.Early this month, canada goose jacket outlet fellow Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton called for the end of the tipped minimum wage, an issue that has gained momentum since major restaurateurs like Danny Meyer moved to eliminate tips over the past year.On the Republican side, we learned that Donald Trump likes his steak well done a culinary sin in the eyes of many. canada goose outlet parka

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