State Of Euphoria was one of several covers Brautigam did for

buy canada goose jacket Anthrax “State of Euphoria” (1988)Don Brautigam created the cover for Metallica’s Master of Puppets, which naturally made him a “go to” metal album cover artist for a brief period in the late ’80s. State Of Euphoria was one of several covers Brautigam did for Anthrax (his work can also be found on their Among the Living and Persistence of Time LPs) and it’s without a doubt the most ho hum. To this day I wonder if the angry headbanger face (which certainly doesn’t look “Euphoric” to me) spiraling down into a yellow unknown was intended to resemble Anthrax’s then vocalist Joey Belladonna, or if it was just coincidence.. buy canada goose jacket

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