Start with a cage containing five monkeys

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Except when the Mueller reports drop and provide irrefutable evidence of his crimes they can no longer hide behind the refuge of their “fake news Democrat conspiracy” propaganda. We already know for certain that Trump is a criminal, but there still enough doubt regarding the investigation into potential coordination with Russian intelligence where Republicans think they can get away with framing the whole thing as a big conspiracy. That won be possible forever..

Got everything in the shop but the Pieces and Monuments, actually cleared the points ladder, and mostly breezed through the challenge quest. So in that sense, it was a very successful event already used up all that Aurora Steel though. Having a decent chunk of drop CEs from my failure to pull Sitonai helped, I guess..

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Dormammu and Odin have fallen behind with the new meta. New replacements are Nova (his 2nd skill ignores I frames), Quicksilver (can pierce every protection with passive except I frame), Apocalypse and SW. Strange has fallen a bit behind, but is still relevant especially since you can get him to lvl 70 and 25 gears..

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