Please note this is not an autograph event and proper decorum

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canada goose Upon completion of the event you will receive two framed posters signed by the celebrities at the tournament (to be picked up at Frozen Pond’s retail location or shipped for a fee).Some notable names (subject to change) attending include: Roger Clemens, Chris Doleman, Julius Erving, Grant Fuhr, Cito Gaston, Victor Green, Mike Krushelnyski, Barry Larkin, Cliff Levingston, Kenny Lofton, Derek Lowe, Hazel Mae, Jim McMahon, Dan Marino, Tim Raines, Mark Rypien, Bret Saberhagen, Sterling Sharpe, John Starks, Neil Smith, Ozzie Smith, Dave Stewart, Thurman Thomas, Spud Webb etc.Please note this is not an autograph event and proper decorum will be expected from our winning bidder at all times. Travel and accommodation not included.This is an amazing once in a lifetime experience bid now!Estimated Value Frozen Pond is proud to support the Joe Carter Classic golf tournament once again in 2017. Proceeds from this listing will be going directly to this charitable initiative benefiting the Children’s Aid Foundation canada goose.