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Advanced Techniques for eBay Amazon Capsules

Product sales capsulesMost advanced techniques for Amazon or eBay capsules apply to any type of hub that uses them. After covering some layout options and how to achieve them, I’ll discuss product sales hubs and step by canada goose outlet authentic step procedural hubs, each of which have their own unique challenges. If you need something more basic than what’s here, the following four hubs represent the best and have links to others.

Canada Goose online Basic canada goose victoria parka outlet tutorials to the Amazon or eBay Capsule Canada Goose online

Although HubPages requires at least 50 words in non advertising capsules for each product advertised in Amazon and eBay capsules, it isn’t clear exactly what counts. For example, the total words in the hub prominently displayed in the upper right during edit mode differs from the total words displayed under the Stats / Hub Metrics tab while logged in but out of edit mode. The Hub Metrics tab counts fewer words.

Canada Goose Parka Text and Instructions capsule words count; Photo, eBay and Amazon capsule words do not. Ingredients capsules count only a few words in a buggy way I won’t try to describe here. Canada Goose Parka

Amazon ad error canada goose outlet vancouver message work around

Occasionally, you may select an Amazon product and see the following cheap canada goose message: “Amazon is not providing us a price for this item. Therefore it can not be displayed.” There is a work around for that. Then, back in your hub, use the “choose keywords” method of selecting products instead of “choose specific products.” Paste that product description into the keyword slot. The product image you want to advertise will usually appear with this method if it won’t appear with the “specific product” method.

The photo canada goose outlet toronto at right is a counter example of what I just said. See how long the product description is and canada goose outlet paypal that it would look better if it was full width? This hub had zero flexibility it’s a crossword puzzle and there weren’t any other relevant products, so I had canada goose outlet in vancouver no other option.

canada goose uk shop When placed in the right canada goose outlet store quebec column, ads can have a blue or silver background instead of white. That lends contrast to a product image that is too white, but it also adds a visual barrier between the left and right columns. canada goose uk shop

In the left column, ads work wonderfully to break up a solid block of text. Amazon and eBay capsules (along with Ratings capsules) are the only capsule types with graphics that can be limited to the left column. Link and Ingredients capsules can be limited to the left column, but they do not give the visual contrast from text that ad capsules, photos, videos and maps give.

canadian goose jacket I usually have only one ad per capsule. There are two reasons for this. canadian goose jacket

cheap canada goose uk It gives me more flexibility to rearrange the layout. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose I have the option of giving a title to each ad. (Looks like I’d better go back and update the example above to look like those below!) I try to always give a title to each Amazon and eBay capsule, using my keywords in various ways. These are heading tags that Google regards more highly than text. Do you ever get frustrated while trying to get a complicated hub to look like what you envision? Here are three tricks I use. canada goose

When editing a hub that is anything more than basic, it can be difficult to predict where the half width (single column) capsules are going to end up in relation to full width ones. Using the directional arrows that accompany each capsule works fine in a simple layout, but for a more complex one, I find it works best to move capsules around using the Reorder tab in the right column near the top.

Sometimes where I have been using two columns and then want to synchronize a left and right capsule, the content of Amazon and eBay capsules can make it difficult. The easiest thing is to toss in a full width text capsule with nothing but a full stop (.). That is so small as to be virtually invisible. This section was preceded by one did you notice? The screenshot above also uses one so that both columns below the purple bar will start at the same level. white) line. Once you’ve done the design work, you can reuse it as simply as you would any photo. Edweirdo describes how to do it; it’s not hard, but off topic here. The main thing in a separator is to keep it shorter than 150 pixels so that it will be omitted from canada goose outlet in uk automatic slideshows.

canada goose uk outlet Enter your description for the Amazon productI almost never use a generic search to fill the Amazon product(s) for me. canada goose uk outlet

One reason is that it often generates duplicates of the same item, and sometimes at different prices.

Canada Goose sale A better reason, though, is that I can select more accurately than the search engine can. OK, to be honest, I do use the generic search, set for the maximum number of products in preview, but just to see what’s available. And then I copy the best product, delete the results https://www.canadagooseonsales.com and specify the one that I just discovered. Canada Goose sale

The most compelling reason for specifying individual products, however, is that I can supply my own custom description. I want to make the reader feel that I have first hand knowledge about the product because I own it, have official canada goose outlet used it or otherwise laid hands on it.

canada goose clearance sale The description is an opportunity to paraphrase what I said in the text, but now in reference to this particular product. I use keywords here in a natural way. Just be aware that words in Amazon capsules do not count towards the total number of words in a hub canada goose clearance sale.