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I like her better than Martha and Donna, she was young and in love and brave, and she didn let anything get between her and the Doctor. (except for a human copy of him that could grow old with her, and really can you blame her for that?)Posts worded in this manner always come across as juvenile and shallow to me, but in the interest of trying to raise the bar a little I giving it the respect of a reply.I ignoring the obvious point that of course there are viewers who like Rose Tyler or she wouldn have stayed on the show for so long. So below is a list of people writing in praise of Rose.Why Rose Tyler was good for The Doctor and Doctor WhoWhy Rose Tyler is first in the Top 10 CompanionsWhy Rose Tyler is second in the Five Best CompanionsReaders rank Rose Tyler as the best companion of all timeAnd a discussion with my own recent musings on the character (3 posts).”Do people actually like Rose Tyler” sounds like something a 12 year old would tweet.

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