I’m passionate because I can relate to it

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Other actions they take include engendering overt threats to you such as the threats of leaving your camp and joining your opponent camp if you don heed their advice; making you guilty with statement such as “I told you so”; and by binding you through luxurious gifts and donations to your campaign so that you are kept under their wings. In addition, they employ spies canada goose outlet washington dc to track the progress of your campaign; become too invasive and want to know whatever goes on in your living room and your canada goose outlet authentic bedroom; belittle you and make you feel you are beneath them, even when all indications are that you have a higher reputation and credible academic credentials than they do; refuse to accept your point of view; and canada goose outlet uk fake sometimes encourage you to engage in destructive behaviors such as publicly insulting your opponent in order to label you temperamentally unfit and dangerously unqualified to lead. In other words, their goal is to undermine your chances of winning an election.2.

canada goose outlet parka India is ranked 133rd out of 180 countries in the 2016 World Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders (RSF). The RSF conceded that India media is and much more capable of playing the role of democracy watchdog than the media in most other countries but says the situation is worsening. It says that lawsuits against journalists by local officials and draconian legislation on defamation and online publications impose major constraints on the media and encourage self censorship It also reports that has emerged as the main brake on media activity in recent years, especially for reporters in the field and investigative journalists canada goose outlet parka.