I have tried dressing up to surprise him and the few times I

Speaking positively, though obliquely, in such a way will allow the interviewer to read between the lines to assess your positive outlook in finding new work.Moreover, I once worked at a startup that was going through a very dark time. A recruiter friend gave me great advice: get over the negative emotional baggage before interviewing; the cloud of angst is palpable and off putting. Was hard to hear, but so helpful.

He doesn’t initiate any more but will still touch me sexually (rub my butt, play with my boobs and nipples), but when I try to escalate it, I get rejected. I have tried dressing up to surprise him and the few times I have he’ll kiss me and tell me how great I look but never takes me to the bedroom to act on anything. I try sending him nudes/ dirty texts my explanation at work and he seems into them but again, when he gets home, nothing comes of it..

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