Hard to sell recruits when you can promise you be a p5 school

Dr. Sigmund brings over 14 years of senior pharmaceutical industry experience to Bench International, having served most recently at Pfizer, Inc. As Vice President, Worldwide Medical. If the human resources department opts to include this type of wording into the handbook, make sure that everyone knows about the rule. Failure to train current workers on a new workplace rule makes it difficult to defend against a wrongful termination suit. Remember also that the adoption of this rule, after the fact, may result in numerous disciplinary actions as workers become accustomed to the new way of doing business.

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SoundHound, at first glance, is probably one of the most head turning apps on the market. Just play any song into your Aria mic, and SoundHound, within seconds, will tell you the artist, album and song title. The service is completely free and works on just about any song you can find.

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Both men and women face post divorce money issues. Often, one spouse whose career was impacted by raising children may find him or herself needing to reenter the workforce. One spouse may also find him or herself having to pay alimony, child support or both.

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