Despite all the seemingly bad press in the news lately

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping What appears as a short term soft economic expansion is a long term military strategy. An informal colony is still a colony, even if there are no Chinese soldiers in these nations, let be clear about this, they now own them forever.if this is colonialism, is the US rape of iraq mass murder?Yes, I would agree that it was.your fear mongering is not only divisive and revolting, its biased and dehumanizing.You seem to be confused. I am cynical about China role in African development precisely because it is base and dehumanising.Nigerian governor Lamido Sanusi summed it up nicely in 2013:Africa must shake off its romantic view of China and recognise that Beijing is a competitor as much as partner, and capable of the same exploitative practices as the old colonial powers. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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