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For my salad, I had carrots, cauliflower, dilly beans and a couple pieces of marinated artichoke hearts. I could also have used a little grated rutabaga, yellow beet or shaved or grated butternut squash, plus dill pickles. I like to blanch cauliflower or broccoli because it intensifies their flavors and makes them a little more amenable to chewing.

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August 27, 2010 By Isabel Isidro 5 CommentsA person who decides to start his or her own business face a long, winding road that is tumultuous on occasion and blocked by obstacles. While some people may have the motivation and desire for business ownership, they may not have taken the time to properly investigate and research their abilities and their business ideas. As a result, while thousands of new businesses are started each year, much more either fail or discontinue, and others transfer ownership or control.

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